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Farhan Ali Qadri - Announcements
"International Fans of Farhan Ali Qadri" are proud to launch this website on our Most Beloved Farhan Ali Qadri's 14th Birthday as a birthday gift to show our love and affection with him.

This Web Site has been made to promote Farhan Ali Qadri and his work. We are not Intending to gain any kind of Self-Promotional or Commercial Benefits from this Web site. We are running this project voluntarily and bearing all of it’s expenses; we are sponsored by none.

Sponsorships, Advertisements and banner exchanges are not Welcomed here.

You may consider this as "beta version" because a lot more stuff is on its way such as so many Mehfil Videos, Latest Pictures, Recordings of TV Programs and a lot of new features are being added on daily basis.

There will be some graphic updates too.

Lyrics Section will be complete soon Inshallah, including all original language, Roman, Urdu and Hindi script.

Ring tones of Farhan Ali Qadri Nasheeds will be added soon.

Membership of forum is open now you can register and start new discussions with other Fans of Farhan Ali Qadri under various categories and topics.

Live chat is also available now.

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