farhan ali qadri
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Farhan Ali Qadri - May the passion of birth festival keep alive!
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May the passion of birth festival keep alive!

English Translation of
Mehfil e Milad karnay ki lagan zinda rahay

May the passion of birth festival keep alive!
The behaviors of lovers of Prophet (S. A. W) keep alive!
There are slogans for arrival of Prophet (S. A. W) every where
May the blooming garden of (Sunnis) Muslims keep alive!
All the corners are filled with happiness and delight of yours arrival
O' Prophet (S. A. W) may the passion of your birth festival keep alive!
We will keep on celebrating the delight of his arrival
May the jealously of foe of the birth festival keep alive!
The Prophet (S. A. W) said after listening the Exalted Poetry
May all the life your melody keep alive!
Life is worthless without the love of Prophet (S. A. W)
O' Allah, May the fire of Prophet's (S. A. W) love keep alive!
It is a voice of blood of martyrs my friends
Their bodies remain alive, who died for you
We are protectors of Prophet's (S. A. W) honor
May the promise of scarifying our lives for him (S. A. W) keep alive!  
Please my Lord bless me with effectiveness and lighten my pen  
O' Ujagar (Poet) May my art of poetry keep alive!

Urdu Poetry: Ujagar
English Translation: Sister Amna (Wah Cantt)

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