farhan ali qadri
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Farhan Ali Qadri - MY Prophet (S. A. W) is my life
        English Lyric
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MY Prophet (S. A. W) is my life

MY Prophet (S. A. W) is my life Only My prophet (S. A. W) is my guardian
He is also my protector My Prophet (S. A. W) is everything for me
My asceticism, my worship, my trust, my contentment
My devotion, my divine law, my Prophet (S. A. W) is my reverence
He is my wisdom and faith
Even he is my recognition and knowledge
Because of him my home is illuminated and my world is refulgent
And because of him my fate is glittered, my prophet (S. A. W) is my light
He is my Lord and Master, he is my world and hereafter)
He is my shelter and asylum, even he is my faith too

English Translation: Sister Amna (Wah Cantt)

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