farhan ali qadri
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Farhan Ali Qadri - If I would born in your time
        English Lyric
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If I would born in your time

English Translation of Tairay hotay janam lia hota

If I would born in your time
Then I would meet you some how

I wish! I would be your door sill
(I) would kiss your feet

You, used to walk upon my eyelids
I wish! I would be your pathway

If I would be a particle of your way
Your feet would be touched upon

(I) used to fight with your enemies
I would be died for yours sake

Around your home in morning and evening
Being a mendicant, would be wandered

At least once in a while, I would be seen by you
I would be sold by your sight

At least once in awhile, I would be asked after by you
(If) my home will be located in your area

If you would come at my funeral
I would be died if you were there

I would be returned back to leave the heavens
(If) You would be stood near my grave

(I) Roohi, would be one of your beggars
(I) would be laid down near your threshold

Urdu Poetry: Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Tahir ul Qadri
English Translation: Sister Amna (Wah Cantt)

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