farhan ali qadri
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Farhan Ali Qadri - You are the king of beauties and sweetheart
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You are the king of beauties and sweetheart

English Translation of “Tu Shah-e-khubaN tu jan-e-janaN”

You are the king of beauties and sweetheart, your face is like Holy Quran
It can't and wouldn't become, yours similarity and yours alternative

You are the first and the last you have got permanent grace
Your era is of million years but, yours youthfulness is still alive

How great your morality is, how dignified your bounty is
Being aware of enemies, The King of two worlds you were not offend to them

Weather it is fragrance of ambergris or a sweet smell of Paradise, its meaningless in his sight
One who has got and applied your sweat of envious rose

I sacrifice for your beauty of expression and soft spoken
It is poured in heart like fragrance, how charming your speech is

Allah's sense of honor has covered you with seventy thousand curtains
There must be millions of Sinai if your one concealment is revealed

Saim you are a strange man, afraid of day of resurrection
Your account will be taken by him, whose naat you recite

Urdu Poetry: Saim Chishti

English Translation: Sister Amna (Wah Cantt)

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