farhan ali qadri
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Farhan Ali Qadri - I become something by talking about you
        English Lyric
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I become something by talking about you

Translation of: میری بات بن گئی ہے تیری بات کرتے کرتے

I become something by talking about you,
I want to come in your city while reciting your naat

I get life because of your love.
I want to die while remembering you (my Lord)

I have no fond of anything and have no desire
You give me a lot by filling my lap

May I have luster in my deserted house
I become sense less (crazy) in seeking your way

I make a decision in rest of my life
I will fight with your deniers till my death

May Nasir (poet’s name) have a chance to visit your tomb
that I am weeping for this from long time ago

Translated by Sister Dua (USA)

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