farhan ali qadri
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Farhan Ali Qadri - Farhan Ali Qadri is coming to Mauritius
        English Lyric

Farhan Ali Qadri is coming to Mauritius

Translation of the video

For the first time in Mauritius Muhammad Farhan Ali Qadri is coming to Mauritius for a series of naats across the country

Muhammad Farhan Ali Qadri started to recite naats since 8 years only
And We can consider him as one of the best in his Domain
He is globally known
And His performance around the world has impressed so many youngsters

Muhammad Farhan Ali Qadri has got a gift from God
So much that he is excellent in reciting naats
He has a unique, melodious voice filled with emotions

His visit in Mauritius is a great honor for our country

He is giving a series of representations across the country
Only one in Port-Louis(Capital Of Mauritius)

Representations(Mehfils) are free

Preparations have been done so that women can assist his mehfils

Translated by: Sister Naila Mauritius

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