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Name :  zarka
Email :  [email protected]/zarkafarha
From :  uk scotland
Message :  ji mene b dekha ke sab keh rehen hai very good report leken i cant find it on the WEBSITE I WANT TO READ IT HELP PLZZZZ OR CAN U TELL ME WHAT SHAE HAD WRITTEN REPLY QUICK
Reply :  Aslamoalikum app es link pa jaien wahan app wo report par sakti hain.

Click here to read that report

Submitted on :  Monday, Oct 12, 2009. 10:26:58

Name :  zarka
Email :  [email protected]/zarkafarha
From :  uk scotland
Message :  THANX 4 UR REPLY
Reply :  You are welcome Zarka sister!
Submitted on :  Sunday, Oct 11, 2009. 18:12:04

Name :  Muhammad Asad
Email :  [email protected]
From :  Kot Radha Kishen Pakistan
Message :  Mr Farhan I want to make you friend plz giv me your personal ID & phone no
Reply :  Asslamo Alykum! Asad bhai aap forum join kairen aour Farhan saieN ki online family kay member banaien inshallah agay kay rasty bhi khul jaien gey.
Submitted on :  Saturday, Oct 10, 2009. 06:18:11

Name :  zarka
Email :  [email protected]
From :  uk scotland
Reply :  Ji InshahAllah jald hi ho gii abhi woh apnay foreign tour mein busy hein.
Submitted on :  Friday, Oct 9, 2009. 18:50:44

Name :  waseem
From :  Rawalpindi , Pakistan
Message :  i am very happy to read the report of Farhan bahi's mehfil in "Sir Razack Mohamed Hall at Phoenix" by Naila sister in the news section,while i was reading, i was feeling that i was also there. thanks sis for the report. May you live long and successful in every field of life.
Reply :  Yes mashallah she wrote a good one! Ameen for your prayers for her.
Submitted on :  Thursday, Oct 8, 2009. 20:15:59

Name :  zarka
Email :  [email protected]
From :  uk scotland
Message :  ji hi kese hain men bas itna pouchna chate thi ke ap ke bat KAB HOGI FARHAN BHAI say
Reply :  sister aap site/guest book kay ilawa jo bhi baat ho us kay liay [email protected] pay email kar sakti hein us sorat mein ziada asani rahay gi inshallah Site related muamlat kay liay aap guest book pay hi likhti rahien.
Submitted on :  Thursday, Oct 8, 2009. 19:04:10

Name :  Sonia Saeed
From :  Lahore/Pakistan
Message :  aoa, yae buht achi site hai har wou chiz hay jo mujhay chaie thee mein youtube pey videos daikha karti thee sari Farhan bhai ki to aik video mein is site ka naam daikha to phir yea site deikhi mujhy buht khushi hoi Farhan bhai ki itni achi site kab bani oaur kab sy hai mujhy kuch pata he naheen tha is bat ka afsus howa lakin khusi buht hoi bata nain sakti ab tu mein sari video is pay daikha karun gi. baqi updates bhi buht hein idher wuo bhi daikha karon gi ws
Reply :  Thanks! Keep visiting for new and latest stuff
Submitted on :  Thursday, Oct 8, 2009. 00:49:51

Name :  yasmin
From :  englad
Message :  aoa, I agree I didn’t see which messages you deleted but even there are still some msgs which should not be here and make farhan not look like a respectable naatkhuwaan
Reply :  Thanks Yasmin sister! we'll try to do better in this regard, but you won't believe that some people just write fake emails and fake names, and post more then one posts but may be they don't know IP address is also recorded with guest book entries, and Administration tries its best not to ignore any message but we can't allow any one to directly mention or point out any name. Any ways more msgs have been edited or removed.
Submitted on :  Wednesday, Oct 7, 2009. 19:32:06

Name :  zarka
Email :  [email protected]
From :  uk
Message :  ji mene abhi dekha ke lika howa hai farhan ke bare men ke wo muartis men hai or likha hai ke advertisments vidoes news wiil he be on the news on tv on noor tv or other islamic channel IF YES PLZZZZZZZZZZZ TELL ME reply quick
Reply :  yeh aap nein kahan daikha kay Noor TV ya dosray chanels pay bhi ho gi? waisy hamari site pay to Maurituis kay local tv aour wahan kay local channels ka likha howa hay, aour wahan kay TV nein un kay reception ki video bhi dikhey thee aoru mehfils kay add bhi dikha rahay hein. mehfil ka add hamri site pay bhi laga howa hay aap site pay latest updates mein daikh sakti hein, aour latest updates ko daikhti rahaien jaisay hi koi naye khabar aye gi wahan pay add ho jaye gi inshallah.
Submitted on :  Wednesday, Oct 7, 2009. 15:10:36

Name :  zark
Email :  [email protected]
From :  uk
Reply :  InshAllah
Submitted on :  Tuesday, Oct 6, 2009. 15:33:17

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