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Name :  shumaila naiz
Email :  [email protected]
From :  karachi pakistan
Message :  ASSALAM O ALIKUM farhan bhai ap ka new album boht acha ha mje bhot psand aya ap bger zikar k hi naats prha kro boht hi achi lagte ha
Reply :  walikumasalam, buht buht shukria sister Farhan Bhai ki naats pasand karne ka, Yeh unhoon nein test album nikala hay kiun k bohat arsay say fans without zikr album ki request kar rahay thay aur agar ziada fans zikr k baghair he pasand karain gey to inshallah wooh aainda apnay albums zikr k bahgair he nikala karian gey.

remember us All in your prayers.

Submitted on :  Wednesday, Aug 1, 2012. 05:49:20

Name :  Shani
Email :  Uk
From : 
Message :  Jazzak Allah admin for replying plz convey my slam to Farhan bhai and request him to make duaa for me and for all Muslim umah....regards
Reply :  walikumassalam, you are welcome brother yes he prayed for all of us.
Submitted on :  Wednesday, Aug 1, 2012. 02:00:13

Name :  Zara
From :  Bengaluru, india
Message :  A request 4 Farhan ji pls include hamd wohi khuda hai & naat mujhe bhi madine bula mere moula in next new album
Reply :  assalamualikum sister, inshAllah sister if he can he will recite both kalams and we hope you are enjoying his new album.
Submitted on :  Monday, Jul 30, 2012. 20:28:07

Name :  pwincess786
From :  UK
Message :  MashAllah Farhan once agian your album is amazing. I love it soo much. Congrats
Reply :  assalamualikum,

Thank you so much sister for appreciating .

remember us all in your prayers.

Submitted on :  Monday, Jul 30, 2012. 13:38:36

Name :  Shani
From :  London
Message :  Salam to all. Ramazan mubarik to Farhan bhai ,admin and all fans.i wish Farhan best of luck , I m big fan of his , when I was in Pakistan I attended many mehfils and several times I meet with him ...he is truely amazing talent and beside that he is a humble guy....I again wish him best of luck and admin plz let me know Farhan bhai has any plan to visit uk plz do reply .....regards.....
Reply :  Walikumassalam Shani bhai,

thank you so much for wishing Farhan bhai and his fans and glad to know that you have met Farhan Bhai and thanks for usnig such nice words for Farhan Bhai thats like a true fan. now a days he is in Madina Pak after performing Umrah and he gave sallam to all of us from there. Brother yet we dont have any news of his tour to UK inshAllah whenever we will get will inform all of you just have to keep on visiting the site

new album of Farhan Bhai has been released enjoy that


Submitted on :  Sunday, Jul 29, 2012. 12:50:28

Name :  hina jan
Email :  [email protected]
From :  gujrat,pakistan
Message :  farhan bahi ap kasa hain aur kia ap ab umra par hain?
Reply :  assalamualikum sister,

farhan bhai bilkul khairiat Say hain or jee haan umrah par gye hue hain.

Apky msg ka buht buht shukria.

Submitted on :  Friday, Jul 27, 2012. 10:20:48

Name :  hina jan
Email :  [email protected]
From :  gujrat ,pakistan
Message :  farhan bahi app kasa hain
Reply :  Assalamualikum sister, Farhan Bhai Alhamdolilah khairiat say hain or is waqt umrah ki sa'adat hasil karne gye hue hain. Hum sub k liye unhone yeh paigham dia hai,

Click here to read his Message

Submitted on :  Wednesday, Jul 25, 2012. 09:29:05

Name :  adeel mumtaz
Email :  [email protected]
From :  bahawal pur
Message :  ap ke sb naat bht payare hy or ho sakhy to plz is ka jawab dy.plz farhan bahi
Reply :  assalamualikum, Ramadan Mubarik

buht buht shukria Farhan Bhai ki naatain pasand karne ka

keep visiting and always remember Farhan Bhai and his fans in your prayers.



Submitted on :  Tuesday, Jul 24, 2012. 07:13:43

Name :  judajunaid
Email :  [email protected]
From :  islamabad, pakistan
Message :  salam to all friends, i am back
Reply :  walikuasslam, Welcome Back, Ramadan Mubarak,

we have been missing you and your Haidarabadi Style Nice Urdu, see you at forum InshaAllah

Submitted on :  Sunday, Jul 22, 2012. 04:08:59

Name :  Amna
From : 
Message :  Assalamualikum happy Ramadan to all guests and Farhan Bhai. may in this holy month our all prayers be answered and all wishes come true Ameen. remember me in your prayers.
Reply :  Walikumasslam, thanks for your prayers, we wish same for you and every one, Keep praying for Farhan bhai and his fans.
Submitted on :  Saturday, Jul 21, 2012. 11:24:23

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