farhan ali qadri
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Farhan Ali Qadri - English Lyrics
      English Lyrics
farhan Ali Qadri Naat-May-the-passion-of-birth-festival-keep-alive!-by-Farhan-Ali-Qadri May the passion of birth festival keep alive!
farhan Ali Qadri Naat-MY-Prophet-(S.-A.-W)-is-my-life-by-Farhan-Ali-Qadri MY Prophet (S. A. W) is my life
farhan Ali Qadri Naat-If-I-would-born-in-your-time-by-Farhan-Ali-Qadri If I would born in your time
farhan Ali Qadri Naat-You-are-the-king-of-beauties-and-sweetheart-by-Farhan-Ali-Qadri You are the king of beauties and sweetheart
farhan Ali Qadri Hamd-(I)-see-your-manifestation-everywhere-my-Allah-by-Farhan-Ali-Qadri (I) see your manifestation everywhere my Allah
farhan Ali Qadri Sufi-Kalam-O’-dears-of-Allah-and-his-Prophet-(s.a.w)-by-Farhan-Ali-Qadri O’ dears of Allah and his Prophet (s.a.w)
farhan Ali Qadri Naat-I-become-something-by-talking-about-you-by-Farhan-Ali-Qadri I become something by talking about you
farhan Ali Qadri Naat-(You-)-ask-me-what-I-do-bring-from-Madina-by-Farhan-Ali-Qadri (You ) ask me what I do bring from Madina
farhan Ali Qadri Naat-My-Lord(that-is-the-prophet-Muhammad-P.B.U.H)-,-I-can-give-sacrifice-for-you-by-Farhan-Ali-Qadri My Lord(that is the prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H) , I can give sacrifice for you
farhan Ali Qadri Others-Farhan-Ali-Qadri-is-coming-to-Mauritius-by-Farhan-Ali-Qadri Farhan Ali Qadri is coming to Mauritius
farhan Ali Qadri Naat-Oh-my-lord-(p۔b۔u۔h)-give-me-your-favor-in-this-difficult-journey-by-Farhan-Ali-Qadri Oh my lord (p۔b۔u۔h) give me your favor in this difficult journey
farhan Ali Qadri Naat-I-have-no-idea-what-punishment-I-was-going-to-get-by-Farhan-Ali-Qadri I have no idea what punishment I was going to get
farhan Ali Qadri Hamd-I-ask-for-bounty-&-ask-for-bliss-by-Farhan-Ali-Qadri I ask for bounty & ask for bliss
farhan Ali Qadri Naat-Heart-says-Allah-Allah-Allah-by-Farhan-Ali-Qadri Heart says Allah Allah Allah
farhan Ali Qadri Naat-Eye's-are-inhabited-by-Madina-of-Holly-Prophet-by-Farhan-Ali-Qadri Eye's are inhabited by Madina of Holly Prophet
farhan Ali Qadri Naat-Haleema-sings-lullaby-by-Farhan-Ali-Qadri Haleema sings lullaby

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